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In 2014, Benjamin Sberro and Hugo Foutermann founded the Odeon Collection in New York. With their combined background of 40 years in applied jewelry and antique jewelry, they cultivated a passion for European vintage jewels and bespoke modern jewelry.


the founders






Benjamin's identity bears the imprint of the creative energy, beauty, and rich history of his hometown, Strasbourg, France. In 2005, he made the transformative decision to relocate to New York, where he dedicated himself to academic pursuits. His journey led to the attainment of a dual master's degree in Marketing and Business, coupled with the esteemed Graduate Jewelry Professional qualification from the GIA.

In 2005, he moved to New York to pursue his academic career, where he earned a double masters in Marketing and Business as well as the prestigious Graduate Jewelry Professional from the GIA. After several years as a top executive for one of the leading jewelry companies — Ben and his partner founded the Odeon Collection in 2014. 


He was driven to keep his culture and history alive through exceptional vintage jewelry, and provide unique pieces to the modern buyer. 

Benjamin resides in Manhattan with his wife, Melissa, and their four children, infusing his life and work with the dynamic spirit of the city that never sleeps.

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Hugo’s jewelry knowledge, history and sense of beauty began at home in the French Riveria.


Raised in a family of three generations of jewelers, his grand-father passed along a love and passion for Art Deco as well as the belief that retro styles will always have a place with modern and contemporary pieces. Hugo perfected his skill under the critical eye of his father who studied under the principals of the famous Italian jewelry school “Scuola Benvenuto Cellini”.


Hugo graduated from the “Chamber Syndicale des Bijoutiers” in 1998 with a degree in gemology and moved to New York City to fine tune his passion.


Now more than a decade later, Hugo has worked with the industry’s leading experts, dealers and consultants--and with his partner founded Odeon Collection. Hugo’s esthetic and pursuit of perfection will meet even the most discerning jewelry needs.

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